A less expensive private chauffeur-driven car in Paris!

A less expensive private chauffeur-driven car in Paris!

An important client to drive back from the airport? A date night with your special someone? A tour of Paris with some foreign investors? Now try and rent a chauffeur-driven car. This type of services includes many financial

(as they are less expensive than taxis) and practical advantages. We offer you a service of chauffeur-driven cars for your professional and personal travel.

Eden Transports offers you a service with a reasonable price for the service brought to you. Don’t hesitate to compare our prices with those of our competitors and taxis. You will realize that there is a major difference. Besides, the price is known beforehand by both parties.

So contrary to taxis, you will never have a bad surprise since the price of the fare will be known to you in advance. It can also give you some ideas if you ever want to take your Partner out for a dinner in a Parisian restaurant. She will be delighted to travel in a beautiful chauffeur-driven car.

An exclusive service including many advantages

Eden Transports offers you a range of services that go beyond what a taxi could offer you. To begin with, punctuality is a must for each. If you made an appointment for 10:30 am, the chauffeur-driven car will be at your door on time.

You won’t have to stand at a taxi station, waiting for your car. Also, every Eden Transports driver is blingual. If you’re travelling with an english or american client, the driver will be able to answer your colleague’s questions in his mother tongue.

On demand all-inclusive chauffeur-driven cars

Eden Transports invites you on an adventure! We also offer to cover traveling for your private trips, whether they last a few hours, a day or several days. It is a very interesting service to guide your clients or relatives through the capital of France.

Besides, Eden Transports also offers tourist transportation on demand in the Paris area. For instance, you will be able to discover the Chevreuse valley, as lovebirds in a wonderful chauffeur-driven car. A taxi service will not bring you the same quality of service.

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